Saturday, July 5, 2008

Portable Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island

Secret Island | 16,7 mb

How do you spell INTRIGUE? You've abandoned all hope after being cast away on Secret Island. With its mysterious landscapes and traces of an ancient civilization, you wouldn't describe Secret Island as being 'safe'. And yet, this is where the game begins - you're abandoned with no way to get off the island. After being lost on your way either to or from a jaunt at sea, you are forced to search the island in hopes of finding your way home. Ironically enough, while everything in your body will scream "help me get off", what you will soon discover is that the game, a fusion-styled blend of 'seek and find' and solitaire card matching will compel you to stay for a very long time!

The Game Play

In a world of surreal colours pierced with the haunting beat of an ancient civilization, your task to get to the mainland will take you on a journey around the island to collect hundreds of hidden objects and play over 60 unique solitaire card matching levels to collect the clues to find your way home.

Beautiful graphics, dark yet vibrant colours, moody sound effects and an obvious attention to detail will literally 'blow your mind' as you 'hack' your way through steaming jungles or 'swim' to the depths of the sea to collect hidden objects. Wherever you find yourself, your ability to find 'lost' objects will enable you to collect the pieces of the puzzle required to get off.

Between each 'hide and seek' level, you will encounter 5 or more levels of unique solitaire card matching ranging from an easy to a more difficult level. But wait a minute! This new and improved solitaire, having achieved a universal acceptance is nothing like the solitaire of old. Cards are arranged anywhere from simple variations up to 200+ cards! Furthermore, powerup cards like Magnets, Locks and Keys and Joker's bring a strategic dimension to the game that will defy even the most seasoned game player.

How to Play: Tips and Tricks

Rule number 1: focus on long rows and tall stacks of cards first. You will also encounter power-up cards to help you on your Journey. Power-ups represent blockers or shortcuts depending on how you use them. The Lock can only be opened by a Key; the Joker (wild card) will remove ALL the cards on the board to which it is matched; and the magnet's swap the location of the card on which you click with the actual magnet. Start with long rows or piles of cards first to eliminate stacked cards as you continuously match cards throughout the game. Don't forget to use the 'SHUFFLE' option if you need to and when you're in a crunch, you can always click on the unlimited 'HINT'button.

Playing the eye-spy or hide and seek game is addictive and fun! All you need is a good eye, a little tenacity and a little time. Okay, perhaps a lot of time because this game is truly addictive! Presented first with up to 6 common items to find; unlimited hints and no time limit; you may meander leisurely at your own speed throughout the scene or if you want, you may test yourself according to your own competitive edge. Either method will eventually end in you successfully finding the mysterious map more step toward your daring escape.

Go for Bonus Points!

If 4 or more of the same card are free match them right after each other to get 2,500 bonus points, and if you are going to beat your "BEST" score try to remove ALL the cards from the level AND the stockpile to get 10,000 extra points!

Mystery Solitaire - Secret Island is one of those games that combine fun with more fun. Spooky and mysterious, beautiful yet slightly dangerous, you will be more than a little surprised at what this game has instore for you!



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