Sunday, December 2, 2007

Portable MSN 8.5 Final

Windows Live Messenger | 15,5 MB

Connect and share instantly on the world’s most popular IM network

Ta da! It’s the next-generation MSN Messenger. Along with everything you already love about Messenger—your contact list, emoticons, instant access to your friends—there are brilliant new ways to connect and share your photos (and other stuff). As always, Windows Live Messenger is free to download Messenger and use most of its features.

Call their phones. Call their PCs.
Call your friends' mobile or landline phones. It's affordable, both within the US and internationally. And calling someone's PC is always free.

See them on the screen
Show and tell: Grab a webcam and start a video conversation within minutes.

Share stuff
Set up a Sharing Folder with a friend. Drop in photos and other stuff, as many as your computer can handle. See your Sharing Folder even when one of you is offline.

Now: Talk to your Yahoo! friends, too
The world's largest IM network has just gotten bigger—and better. With Windows Live Messenger you can now connect with your Yahoo! IM contacts. Forget about using multiple accounts to talk to your friends—IM them all with Windows Live Messenger.

Here are some key features
of "Windows Live Messenger":

· Talk to your Yahoo! friends, too
With Windows Live Messenger, you can now connect with your Yahoo! friends. Forget about using multiple accounts to talk to your friends. You can do it all directly from Windows Live Messenger. The world's largest IM network has just gotten bigger—and better.

· PC-to-PC Calling
Speak your mind: Have a high-quality voice conversation using PC-to-PC Calling. Free.

· Even better video conversations
Those old science fiction movies with TV phones? That's what the new Messenger will give you, only better: live, full-screen (640x480) video.

· Sharing Folders
Drag a file onto a contact’s name. You’ve just created a Sharing Folder. Now you and your contact can get to all the files in the folder any time, even if one of you is offline.

· Text message their phones
See a little mobile icon next to a friend's name? Just right click to send a text message.

· Your two-way, super-powered address book
With Windows Live Contacts, whenever your contacts update their information, it will also be changed in your Messenger address book. Instantly. (Your Windows Live Mail address book will be updated, too.)

· Windows Live Alerts
Headlines, sports scores, traffic, or just about anything else you want to keep up with—get pop-up notifications of things as they happen.

Download-RapidShare-New Link

* Added (March 19) : RapidShare link was renewed to enable users having limited rights to use the portable. There are two files in it and you can use MSN with both of them. But I suggest to run the program with "P. MSN 8.5.exe". It prevents probable system locks which "msnmsgr.exe" can cause.


thumb6455 said...

nice work but will you please make a version with no ads and some useless extra features?? please.

yerdenizden said...

Maybe on version 9, I can do it for ads at least.
First of all, I have to state that I'm not a good MSN user. So I haven't been interested with its detailed features sufficiently yet.

yerdenizden said...

Hello Thiery. I sent an explanation to your mail address.

Anonymous said...

There is a program called apatch that removes unnecessary features such as ads, buttons, logos, and functions from MSN. Perhaps you can decipher the codes and remove the ads and everything else from MSN 9.0.

Here is the link:

yerdenizden said...

Thanks for the link. I will try it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, yerdenizden.

Anonymous said...

is it a thinstalled version?

yerdenizden said...

SeiferFlo, lackness of some Windows newer library files may cause the problem on your second XP.
It's a Thinstalled version but to run MSN again when it was open was locking system. So a little Autoit script was added to solve this problem.

Azriel said...

hi. Bit late but, is it possible to integrate msgplus into this? I've tried doing it myself (from a proper installed version and capturing), but it crashes. Thanks


Anonymous said...

To completely remove the ads in MSN Live Messenger

1. Make sure your MSN is completely shutdown/exit.

2. Download Reshacker

3. Use it to open msgsres.dll (found in the Live Messenger install directory).

4. To remove the annoying flashing ads in the buddy-list window browse to
4004/923/ and find and edit the line Constrainer layoutpos=top ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout() to Constrainer layoutpos=none ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout().

5. Click the compile script before going to the next step.

6. To remove the text links in the chat windows browse to 4004/920/ and change element id=atom(adbannercont) layout=filllayout() to element id=atom(adbannercont) layoutpos=none layout=filllayout().

7. Click the compile script before going to the next step.

8. Save and exit ResHacker and run MSN Live Messenger, you will notice there will be no more ads.

Anonymous said...

puto, fak iu!!

PD: rachivin hijo mio!

Anonymous said...

Hi Im not familier with thinstall and assume it is not required on the C:\ or flash. Have downloaded the "P" version from rapidshare, and am running on a USB drive - but neither P.MSN or msnmsge can find my webcam, even though it is found by other apps running on the C drive e.g. Movie Maker. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. N

Anonymous said...

just wondering if you will be updating this.
MSN has updated and this version doesn't work anymore

Anonymous said...

I have created an updated PORTABLE version of MSN / WLM 8.5 that still works. You can download it here: