Sunday, December 2, 2007

Portable Burn 1.0

Burn 1.0 | 269 MB (673 MB extracted)

Burn is a PC game which belongs to the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre. The Player can choose between 13 arenas and 5 characters and fight in a Single-player and a Multi-player mode. The game provides two special modes: Deathmatch, where the winner is the one who has collected given number of frags, and Burn, where the winner is the one who has survived the competition. Each fight can be made with special modifiers like Low Gravity, Weapon Power Up, Timed Competition or Sudden Death. League, the main Single-Player game mode, allows the players to fight on the arenas, gather points and eventually fight with a boss – Dark. The maps in Burn contain a lot of bonuses and environment vulnerable to destruction. There are 7 different weapons available in the game, each with an alternative fire mode. Game is based on the high quality Render technology.

System Requirements :
P4 2 GHz (Athlon 1.6 GHz), Windows XP, 1 GB RAM, Geforce 4Ti, 700 MB of free HDD space, DirectX compatible sound card, DirectX 9

*Same files were uploaded. You can download mixed.

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