Monday, December 17, 2007

Portable Hyperspace Invader 2.64

Hyperspace Invader | 10 mb

In Hyperspace Invader, a new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the galaxy to deliver a devastating final blow so they can finally eliminate us.

To save mankind, you must navigate one of 12 ships across a scrolling 3D combat zone and unleash its guns upon an unrelenting stream of aggressors.

Although you will face more than 50 different enemies and six massive bosses throughout 30 levels of intense action, your arsenal includes 10 upgradeable weapons, 10 powerful missiles and power-ups that tip the odds of survival in your favor.

Here is already war goes on length long centuries. Spiteful and so anything not learned aliens umpteenth
hit upon people. People sustained a defeat for defeat: army smashed, cities erased from face of the land humans has retreated in Hyperspace with small hope on salvation, but also there aliens continued to smash human bases.

In total people had one base and one latest fighter, which was created in current last ten years with use the most leading terrestrial and stolen extraterrestrial technologies - AVENGER-29

What is an AVENGER-29? Is this a next unsuccessful attempt? OR, may be, on governing the best pilot will he be able to render critical influence upon move of the lost war already?

Here are some key features of "Hyperspace Invader":

· Amazing 3D graphic
· Imitation of enemy AI
· Strained gameplay
· Original soundtracks
· Soundtrack changing feature
· Various battle tactics


· Processor: 650 MHz or above
· RAM: 128 MB
· Video: 16 MB
· OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP with DirectX 8 installed




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