Thursday, January 10, 2008

Portable TuneUp Utilities 2008 7.0.7992

TuneUp Utilities 2008 | 11,2 mb

Portable of TuneUp Utilities's last version (Jan 9 release)

Improve your system's performance, thoroughly clean up your hard drives, solve your PC problems with a few clicks, and customize windows to your personal requirements. All in one program, simple and intuitive - TuneUp Utilities 2008.

10 Fundemental Reasons for using TuneUp Utilities 2008
  • Powerful hard drive defragmentation
  • Optimum start-up, Internet, and Windows acceleration
  • Quick and extensive clean-up for hard drives
  • Effective elimination of junk data
  • Fully-automatic clean-up and improvement of your PC
  • Extensive clean-up of the registry
  • Effective help in solving standard Windows problems
  • Secure data recovery and data elimination
  • Simple custom Windows configuration
  • Individual Windows styling


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Mobin said...

It doesn't work. After the register dialog, gives an error that integrator.exe not found, then exits.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens to me too. Says that it cannot find AppInitialization.bpl after the registration dialog box

yerdenizden said...

It's not be allowed to curse in this blog. So, the last comment was deleted.
Sorry for delay, but I saw your comments just now because of time lackness. Problem is caused by registration window. On earlier days, program was directly opening and was deleting it's files in Temp folder when it was closed and there was no problem. Registry Window causes some files (including AppInitialization.bpl)before program starts. Problem was solved and new links will be added tomorrow. Apologizes from everybody
who had downloaded program from ex links.

Anonymous said...

has the links been updated with the fix ? thank you for ur efforts

Anonymous said...

its still not working for me...why is this?