Thursday, May 22, 2008

Portable Curse Of Montezuma

Curse Of Montezuma | 38,5 mb

What happens when you combine beauty, brains and a taste for adventure? You get Cathie Jones, world famous archeologist and granddaughter of Emily Jones from The Treasures of Montezuma. In The Curse of Montezuma, Cathie picks up where her grandmother left off and embarks on an amazing match-three journey to find the legendary Fountain of Youth and stop the spread of a deadly virus.

With millions of lives hanging in the balance, it's up to you to match thousands of glittering gems along web-like latticework and unleash astonishing powers that can help Cathie reach her goal. An exciting storyline brought to life by stunning artwork and captivating gameplay that will draw you into the depths of a forgotten jungle are just a few of the remarkable features that will make Curse of Montezuma an extraordinary experience for your entire family!

Key Game Features

* 60 levels
* 14 bonuses
* Six locations
* Six mini-games




Anonymous said...

This is a great game, thanks!

But when I disabled Full Screen in the Options menu, the game screen wouldn't load. It would be on the taskbar with Sound, but the game wouldn't load.

I tried deleting the old file and unzip a new one. PRoblem persists. I even deleted the file and then run a registry cleaner. But I cannot load the game. How can I reset the game back into full screen? Because with the full screen disabled, I cannot get into the game.

yerdenizden said...

Upon your message, I disabled full screen on 2 PC's and run the game.
Then, I re-changed options and played Montezuma on full screen. Everything was OK. So, something has to be different in your system.
Montezuma doesn't use Registry for user settings. Instead, go 'Documents and Settings>Administrator/Your user name>Friday's games>montezuma2' folder and open "montezuma.xml" file with a text editor like Notepad++ (Windows Notepad will be enough too if you don't have any other). In this file change the value " id="video_fullscreen" value="false"/> " as " id="video_fullscreen" value="true"/> ". I hope this solves your problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It solves the problem!

Anonymous said...

How I can save game?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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