Sunday, May 18, 2008

Portable Solar Journey 1.0.0

Solar Journey | 7,4 mb

Solar Journey teaches you about the moon, the sun and the planets around us.

Are you courious about the solar system, or want to know more about the sky above us?

Why does the sun shine?
Why does the moon seem to change shape?
What are black holes?

Solar Journey answers all of these questions and hundreds more! Packed full of information on the Earth and Moon, the solar system, the sky above us and more all direct to your fingertips.

Some Key Features :

· See the solar system that we live in and learn how various aspects work.
· Compare planet, moon and asteroid sizes and orbits.
· Learn information about the various planets and their moons such as their composition, and atmospheric conditions.
· View high-res images of each major solar system object, with most moons and smaller bodies included.




Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all of your applications. They seem to work far better than any other Thinstalled apps I've seen. Do you have a guide that you've written somewhere that has all your tricks for making these apps work?


yerdenizden said...

Thanks for your praise. Unfortunately, there isn't any guide etc.

Alfredo said...

Aren't the fonts missing in this app?
In my PC the text goes beyond the app window borders as if is using the wrong font/size.

Anonymous said...


This clown has set a honey pot to rip off all your personal data!!!!