Wednesday, February 27, 2008

P. IrfanView 4.10 M.Lang

IrfanView | 2,1 mb (3,1 mb extracted)

IrfanView is a fast, simple freeware image viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, multipage TIFF, TGA, and more. In addition, it features drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slide shows, batch conversion, and modifications such as color depth, crop, blur, and sharpen.

The IrfanView PlugIns package offers additional file formats and effects for IrfanView.

Latest Changes :
  • New PlugIn: Paint (Edit menu, Hotkey: F12, thanks to Matteo Italia!)
  • It allows IrfanView to paint lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc
  • Support for embedded color profiles in JPG/TIF (Properties->Viewing)
  • LCMS PlugIn, thanks to Marti Maria
  • New command line option: /advancedbatch (Apply advanced batch options to image)
  • Allows many image operations, add text etc
  • Lossless JPG Crop added (Menu: Options or Thumbnails (batch mode))
  • Added option to tag/mark files during browsing (window or fullscreen mode):
  • Hotkeys: X = tag file, SHIFT+X = untag file, SHIFT+Q: show tagged files in Thumbnails
  • Support for FLV format (Flash PlugIn, thanks to Remio)
  • Histogram feature added (Menu: Image, Hotkey: SHIFT+H)
  • Zoom calculation changed: relative, based on previous zoom value
  • Auto adjust colors works with selections (Thanks to Andras Horvath,
  • Option to save values from "Enhance Colors" dialog
  • New effects added: Green and Yellow eye reduction (Effects browser dialog)
* IrfanView is a freeware program but you can support it from here.

* Program is available in 29 languages.


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