Sunday, March 2, 2008

Portable Babylon M.Lang

Babylon | 3,4 mb (8,5 mb extracted)

With Babylon-Pro you are able access translations and relevant information instantly with a click of your mouse.

Clicking on any term from any desktop application brings you results from Babylon's extensive database of language dictionaries, glossaries and conversion tools

With Babylon's Writing Aid tools you can easily find the exact word you need, ensure correct usage and paste it directly into your documents

Here are some key features of "Babylon Pro":

· Single Click Activation - Just click on any text in any desktop application and a small pop-up window appears with the relevant translation, information or conversion.

· Babylon Dictionaries - Babylon enables you access 13 language dictionaries each containing over 3 million words and phrases, including general
, encyclopedic and slang terms.

· Writing Aid Tools - For users who want to write in English Babylon offers a complete set of writing tools to help.

· Cross Translation - Babylon-Pro 5.0 helps users find the most suitable English word for their sentence. For example, a French user writing an email needs the English equivalent of the French word 'aller'. This word can be translated to English as go, move, travel or pass. When translating the word 'aller', Babylon-Pro 5.0 will display each possible English translation, alongside its corresponding translation back to French.

· Conjugations - For every English term, Babylon-Pro can display a complete list of conjugations (inflections) in all possible tenses and forms, together with their description in the user's native language. The user can directly paste the appropriate conjugation into the edited document.

· Direct Paste - Easily paste any term or text from Babylon directly into any editing application.

· Unit Conversions - Babylon converts currencies, measurements and time, just click on any value in any Windows application to get instant conversions. Babylon automatically identifies the required conversion, based on unit symbols that appear next to the numbers, and will perform the conversion.

· Public Glossaries - Over 1,600 diverse glossaries in 70 languages covering a broad range of subjects, such as, computers, business, science, travel and much more.

· 'Say-It' add-on feature - Babylon's 'Say-It' feature enables you to hear the correct pronunciation of words in English.

What's New in This Release:

· Spellcheck Online Mail, Blogs, Chats and Forms: Now you can spell correctly in over 15 languages. Babylon 7 instantly checks and corrects text whenever you type on the Internet - in chatboxes, email, blogs, comment boxes, and forms. The Spellcheck delivers spelling suggestions along with translation and dictionary results - all in a single click.

· Autocompletion: Can't remember the word you need or how to spell it? Now it's easy. Just start typing. Babylon 7 predicts the word or phrase you want, and automatically suggests choices to let you complete the word.

· Smart Dictionary: Get translations to and from any language. Babylon 7 automatically recognizes the languages you use and need, and gives you results for all those languages. Translate Chinese to German, Swedish to Italian, Japanese to Turkish, and many more.

· Customization: Experience Babylon the way you want to see and use it. Babylon 7 lets you personalize the interface according to your preferences. Change the skin and background color, font size, transparency, the order of results, and more.

· LingoZ: Access LingoZ, the online language community, in a single click. LingoZ offers users around the world a range of language services, including user-generated multilingual dictionaries and a Q&A service. Join other users on LingoZ to look up content, contribute your own, collaborate, and offer or receive language consulting services....

* To keep it light, no extra dictionary was included to portable Babylon and English-English was put out. You can download any dictionary you desire by using "Add Dictionaries" property of program. Some online dictionaries were integrated with Babylon beforehand and most of them can be seen from the the image below. You can change them belong to your necessities.

* It's possible to run portable Babylon by clicking on "BabylonPro.exe" or "Babylon.exe" (second is faster). But you have to prefer "BabylonPro.exe" for first and second run because it also puts program necessities -like Registry settings- in order too.

* Integrated online dictionaries become activated on second run (To close the program, you have to close it from Taskbar.).


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Anonymous said...

I got "storange initialization failed error 2"

Anonymous said...

" Storage initialization failed (Error 2) "

yerdenizden said...

Sorry for the error. Babylon should have create some files in Common App Data but something goes wrong in this process and it causes " Storage initialization failed (Error 2) " message. Links will be renewed.

yerdenizden said...

New links were added.

Anonymous said...

Very good ! Thanks.

Huu Bang said...

no. it tries to create a file (not really so important i believe) in the common app data but since we often use it without administrator's right so we dun have the access to that folder and that's why the error comes. i dunno whether there is a workaround for it... waiting for ur solution. hehe. i really like this app

yerdenizden said...

Sorry but the file in CommonAppData ("BabAll.dat") is necessary to run Babylon. Otherwise, it will give the same error; " Storage initialization failed (Error 2) " message. This necessity is preventing users having limited rights to use the program but unfortunately Babylon is designed to work in that form.

Francy said...

Data conversion services help to refine the document conversion strategy, identify document redundancy, extract metadata, and transform legacy and future documents for the real needs – today and in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this fixed release!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting " Storage initialization failed (Error 3) "

Anonymous said...

From experience, I know this is a know error in Babylon. If you go to their website, you will see that you have to reinstall the application to get it resolved. I am not sure how we can do this with a portable app.

Anonymous said...

Same "Storage initialization failed (Error 2)"

Hamid said...

For me, it was working for 2 weeks, but then I got "Storage ..." error message.
If it needs "BabAll.dat" file, how was it working at the begining?

Anonymous said...


This clown has set a honey pot to rip off all your personal data!!!!

Anonymous said...

new error appears lately :


any clue?